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Fundus Online FAQ / First steps


The use of Fundus Online is reserved for commercial clients. We do not accept private orders, but feel free to use our pages as a source of information.

In General, the articles are available. Please wait until receiving our offer, before you offer the article third party because we have first to check stock levels.

Yes. After your registration, you will receive an email with a personal access. In your account it is possible to create as many projects as you want. Save your shopping lists and customer adresses. To place an inquiry online, a registration is necessary. Any search in the catalogue is possible without registration.


You have the possibility to filter the results with predefined filters or a full-text search. Use the filter function e.g. location, image, item groups, era, style etc. 


Fulltext search

The fulltext search allows you to search for every word in the description of the articles. To do this, you can search for a term, a number or any part of words. Please be aware that the descriptions are in German, searching in English will not yield results.


Filter search.

Select predefined filter options on the left navigation bar and then click “Execute”. If the result of the search is still too big, use the filter functions section, time, or style to narrow the results.

The descriptions of all articles are in German, therefor only German search terms will be part of a result. If you have problems to find something, don't hesitate to contact us.

Order and reservation

Select the desired item and place it in your basket. After we have checked the availibility, you will get an offer by email. You then can confirm the offer. In addition, you will find the offer after your login under "My FTA - My documents". After your written confirmation, we will reserve the items available.

After we have checked the stocks in the branches, you will get a quote via email. In addition, you can obtain the offer after your login under "My FTA" - "My documents". After you have confirmed in writing the offer to us, the articles be binding reserved for your appointment.

After your request you get an offer to the registered email address. You can also retrieve the offer through your personal account. If you want to confirm the offer and book the articles, we ask for your written feedback on our email.

You can pickup the items at the respective warehouses. Ask us for the formalities (e.g. suitable vehicle, loading aid, opening hours). As an additional service we offer shipment to other FTA branches in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne or to your desired address. More information about transportation you can find under FTA Logistic

Furniture is not wrapped. As far as possible all other items like lamps, fabrics, props and costumes are packed.

Of course ordering from a different FTA warehouse is possible. Keep in mind that the time necessary for packaging and sending the articles is up to 2 business days. The customer shall bear the costs of shipment. You can select the transport option at the request of articles. Opens internal link in current windowFind here more information about shipment.

On request we organize regional courier trips within the city area or to any different address in Germay or Europe. Simply choose the option "Shipping. Opens internal link in current windowMore about shipping.

The goods are not insured by FTA after you have picked them up in one of our warehouses. We recommend you to insure the article for the rental period by yourself. You’ll find the value of the goods on the offer. Please read our Opens internal link in current windowterms and conditions.

Please send one request per date and period.


Login to the Fundus Online and go to "My FTA". You’ll find your personal data under "My data" in the left navigation menu.

Login at Fundus Online and go to "My FTA". You will find your requests under "My requests" in the left navigation menu.

Login to the Fundus Online and go to "My FTA".  Find your lists under "My Lists" in the left navigation menu.

Features & Tools

You can set the default FTA locations in your personal account, in which you primarily want to search. You will find this setting under "My data".

After registration, you can create one or more projects. Also several decorations can be created on these projects.

After selecting the desired articles, Fundus Online offers various export options: you can download pictures in JPG, download lists in PDF or CSV file. No registration is necessary. To extract the images you will need an external program.

Opens external link in new windowHere you find the download zip

You can create unlimited lists with the list function. To do this, a registration is necessary.

Login and mark the corresponding articles you want to save. You can save the list under a project. Without login, you can export the list as a PDF or CSV.

An export is possible in PDF and CSV format. Select the list and select desired export function from the top right list. Images can be downloaded as JPGs.

Yes. Log in and go in "My FTA". You can see all previously sent requests under 'My requests'. The buttons at the right imports all article again in a new wish list on which you can send a request.

There is no way to rename a list directly. But you can move or copy items between lists. So if you want to give a new name to a list, you first create a new list in "My lists". Then move or copy all the articles from the old list to the new list.


In the detail view of an article the price for the initial as well as for the subsequent period is displayed. The base price covers 3 working days for furniture and lamps, and one week for props, fabrics and costumes. Holidays and weekends are not calculated. You will receive a detailed sum for the specified period with an offer. For more information please read our Opens internal link in current window rental terms

No. First you'll get an offer. After your confirmation, the articles are reserved for the specified dates. The picking and packing is usually done 1-3 days before delivery or pickup and will be charged if not cancelled in time.

The reservation is free of charge. We ask you as soon as possible to inform us if the inquiry shall be cancelled.


The best way is to contact the FTA warehouse that stores the article. The respective branch can answer your detailed questions about mass and condition of the items. Here you will find our Opens internal link in current windowcontact details.

You can reach technical support during working days between 07:30 am to 16:30 pm

Phone: +49 (0) 89 64989 - 0
Mail :

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